Ecology Countdown to 2049

In the year 2049

I’ll be a centurion

Having in my time

Survived 100 years

In a world they say is dying

Future generations won’t survive

So will everyone’s time

Be the year 2049

Through a science revolution

I’ve watched man walk on the moon

We embraced the revolution

As it improved all of our lives

The cost – Global pollution

The ozone layers depleting

The Earth is overheating

Mankind is rapidly reaching

The point of no return

We’re seeing ice caps melting

What will the outcome be

As the planet withers and dies

We’re burning down the forests 

Causing ecological grief

We’re polluting all the oceans

Killing off the coral reefs

Our planet has to flourish

For mankind to survive and thrive 

Which is why we need most of all

An Earth that is alive