Poetry – A Problem

I really enjoy writing but if there is one area that I have a problem with it’s when I write poetry.

What some may call verse – or not as the case may be.

The problem is not the actual writing because the great strength of poetry is that it is such a personal thing.

That said the problems I find associated with writing poetry are nevertheless always in my mind.

Poetry is let’s face it just an expression of random thoughts some of which rhyme -some that don’t – that swirl around in your mind consisting of those brought about by issues that make you happy, sad, angry or as is the case on innumerable occasions from memories that for an unaccountable reason have returned.

I wonder if others do as I do and read their own work out aloud to themselves?

If they do how does it sound or perhaps more importantly is it only the author who can really read a poem aloud?

The problem I have with other people’s writing – some of which I think is absolutely fantastic – is that words when written down in the form of poetry need to be placed in the context that is in the mind of the author otherwise they are just – well – words.

The context of anything written especially poetry is almost invariably based on the authors life experience but doesn’t necessarily mean they have first hand personal experience of what they write.

A typical example is that I have written about suicide, drug addiction and alcoholism in the prison setting of which I have no personal experience – however I did work in prisons as a manager and saw the impact of each of them first hand.

Poetry is in the main – or at least in my case – written for myself and even though I publish them on my blog and hope others who read them appreciate and like them does it really matter?

Of course if I was dependent on my writing for a living then perhaps I’d think differently.

But Rudyard Kipling I am not.

The issue I suppose is whether writing makes you feel better – like scratching an annoying and persistent itch.

Do others plan and scope their poetry out before they start or do they like me just let it flow from a jumble of ideas?

I suspect it does and for many it may even act as a cathartic exercise of well-being.

In which case keep going because it is worthwhile to you.

The question I suppose is should I take the time and make the effort to publish a book of my poetry if for nothing else but to give copies to my family and friends?

Would that be pretentious?

Do others who write feel the same?

πŸ€” now let me think

2 thoughts on “Poetry – A Problem

  1. Words and phrases evoke emotions, and the random triggers that cause memories to stir can be from a sound, a smell, a taste or a thought. That releases a memory and that injects an emotional response. Poetry can do all of that and the crafting in such a sparse landscape is tortuous but rewarding. Reading aloud can add something the poet never intended, they hoped for one thing but caused something new, a different rhythm evokes an unintended response, it can lead the reader or listener to dark places, think if you are blind or deaf, what interpretation would that lead to?Β  A jumble of words, just a jumble of words.

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  2. Conjure with this phrase, Blueberry Hill Thanksgiving Pii, was truely Somethin else. Now what do you here where does it take you.

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