What Really Matters

There’s those who think

Life is just a race 

To reach the very top

They have no time to wonder

They have no time to stop

There’s those that think

Only their race should compete

There’s those who claim any other race

Is bound to face defeat

There’s those who don’t understand 

That evolution took its time 

No rush to race

Just a steady climb

To where we are today

There’s those who in their race

Simply expect and want it all

There’s those who having run their race

Are destined for a fall

They don’t have time in their haste

To pause and think of others

They fail to see that all mankind

Are their sisters and their brothers 

There’s those who think

Only their race 

Is the race that really matters

They fail to see that the only race

That matters to us all

Is the race we all have come from

We’re all human after all