USA – Just Stay Away

Don’t talk to us of morals

Don’t talk to us of faith

You lost the moral right to that

A long long time ago

You may not want to hear it

But so you understand

Keep your views to yourselves

The US is built on shifting sands

Don’t you dare moralise 

At me or us or mine

I’ll ignore everything you say

You’ve now lost your place

The reality is that today 

You’re nation in disgrace

Do what you want at home

We’ll watch on from afar

As a people we reject you

For reasons very clear

How can we respect you

Who the hell do you think you are

There’s no wonder you’re rejected

Right across the world

The truth is very clear

No matter what you say

You chose and then elected

A serial sexual predator

As President of the USA

So harken to my words

Listen to what I say

Just stay at home in the US

And from my country stay away.