Odd Shape – Give It a Go

Odd Shape – Give It a Go

It is – or at least to me – one of the most bizarre experiences to visit a Supermarket and find that all of the fruit and vegetables on sale are perfect in form.

Apples are perfectly round as are beetroots – carrots are all perfectly straight tapering from the top to the bottom and pears – well they are pear shaped.

Now I’m not complaining after all doesn’t it demonstrate that at least the earth where they are grown is healthy?

I suppose we should be grateful that it supports the theory that people’s health is intrinsically associated with the health of the planet.

So what’s the problem?

Well the problem is that in spite of the quality of the food presentation on offer we are still throwing millions of tons of food away every year the vast amount of which could be eaten.

I should I suppose confess that I share an allotment with friends and even though we produce healthy nutritional food I willingly admit that it comes in a variety of very odd shapes and sizes.

Who cares if a beetroot is an odd shape – or a carrot – or in fact anything when the reality is it is most probably going to be boiled or steamed or fried and then beaten into a mashed pulp before being eaten?

So why do we throw so much away on appearance alone when nutritionally there is nothing wrong with it?

I don’t care what my fruit and vegetable looks like but I do care that annually we throw away hundreds of thousands if not millions of tons of food for no good reason.

Food that people could eat and if it was priced right would be bought.

And why are people especially in societies such as the United Kingdom so pernickety about what fruit and vegetables they buy look like?

Do they care what blackberries look like when they go blackberrying – that is if they do go blackberrying – and yes I do with the result that at this time of year I have jars and jars of blackberry jam, blackberry and apple crumbles etc etc.

Do people still go scrumping or pick apples growing in woods and on common land? – and if they do is what it looks like of any importance?

So supermarkets stop discarding perfectly edible food because it looks an odd shape and put it on sale.

So people stop being pernickety as individuals and give it a go.

The benefits are that we will stop throwing so much away and there will be the added bonus that as research has shown eating lots of fruit and vegetables makes people feel better and healthier.

Who know the odd shaped fruit and vegetables may well be the way to improve people’s psychological well being?

Go on – Give it a go – after all what have you got to lose.