PTSD – Torment

I know that I feel guilty

Feeling as guilty as sin

As I sit alone thinking

What might have been

I sit here alone in a cell

Trapped in my own kind of hell

This isn’t a cell

Made by mankind

The cell is my own

A cell in my mind

I killed a man

A man I didn’t know

It happened a long –

Long time ago

A man with a family

Waiting back home

Trapped in a cell

A cell of their own

And there are more families

Through torment they strive

To just keep on going

With families of those

Whose country they served

Paying the ultimate price

Of holding their nerve

The price was to die

At the hands of another

A stranger who like them

Has a father and mother

So I think of them all

Those that have died

But of those I think most 

Is those that survived

Who like me today

Are riddled with guilt

If you believe in a god

I hope you will pray

For those whose minds

Never at rest every day

As they suffer the hell

For the rest of their life

In doing their duty

They took another’s life