The Lunatic You Elected

“The Mexicans I’ll keep out”

The madman he did shout

“I’ll build a mighty wall”

“And I’ll make them pay for it”

“Of that there is no doubt”

The Mexicans laughed

“F*** Off you prick”

“You can shout and bawl all day”

“But you have to be an idiot”

“If you believe that we will pay”

To save the USA

Donald Trump did say

“I’ll nuke the North Koreans”

“Annihilating millions”

“Trust me I’ll win the day”

The Koreans laughed

“You need putting in a home”

“On us don’t pick”

“F*** Off you dick”

“We’ve a madman of our own”

“I’ll keep the Muslims out”

Trump announced with delight

“I’ll punish all the brown folk”

“How dare they not be white”

“Oh grow up you prat”

The World shouted back

“So F*** Off you twat”

“You’re completely off your head”

The people of the USA cried out

 “He doesn’t speak for us”

“We want to be respected”

“We’re desperate for love”

The world looked on

Laughed and made fun

“No chance”

“Youre being rejected”

“Because of the lunatic”

“You elected”