Trump – Festering Monster

Donald Trump

Is a lump

It cannot be denied

A festering orange monster

Who knows only how to lie

They say he doesn’t sleep

He seems to think his role

Is to stay awake and tweet

Whenever he does speak

His lies he just repeats

Perhaps he has dementia

We know he has no friends

Except of course for Putin

When will it ever end

Perhaps the constitution

A citizen will invoke

Perhaps it’ll be impeachment

This is not a joke

Family Trump

Is dysfunctional

Taking it to an extreme

A family who the truth

Is something they’ve never seen

He doesn’t like the Muslims

The gays or even Trans

He doesn’t think they’re right

And heaven help you

If you’re anything but white

A President in the White House

That Trump has called a dump

But only since he’s lived there

The perve has got a nerve 

To serve he shouldn’t oughter

A US President

Who lusts after his own daughter

They live in the House

That Americans all adore

They painted it White

It’s meaning innocence

But with the Trumps

It’s now become 

A pit of reeking feculence