Conservative – EU Confusion or Lies

With the start of the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester we are already seeing a continuation of the utter confusion about just how much not only the exit from the European Union will cost but how much the United Kingdom actually contribute to the EU.

The treasury say it amounts to £252 million a week (2016) and forecasts – what is it about forecasts from the treasury, shouldn’t they know how much it will cost? – that once we leave the European Union well get £86 million a week back.

What they don’t say is that most of this will be earmarked for farming subsidies.
So not available to spend on the NHS then?

So in 2016 the cost was – a least according to the treasury – £13,104,000,000 or in simpler terms £13.1billion of which we get back in farming subsidies alone £4.42billion leaving a net payment to the EU of £8.86billion.

Absolutely a huge cost by anyone’s standards but of course that isn’t the whole story because we don’t just pay this in without any other return.

What the Conservatives and especially those now totally discredited Brexiteers, Johnstone, Davies and Fox continue to claim is that leaving the EU would see the UK getting £18.2 billion back.

How an earth can they be in Government and not know that we get a rebate especially seeing that it was negotiated by their very own heroine of far right Conservatism – Margaret Thatcher – 

Perhaps even more confusing is how an earth can people who hold themselves up as having their finger on the pulse and understand UK economics be almost £10billion out?

Which is why no matter what -or how much – the Conservatives this week spin the recent speech by Theresa May- try to cover up the splits in the Cabinet led by Boris Johnston – or blame the EU for tardiness of the Brexit negotiations the reality is it is not the confusion over how much leaving is going to cost…..

But the fact that the British public were lied to by the Brexiteers and that they will be and are determined to continue to lie in order to do what they never do – 

Which is apologise for and accept responsibility for the outcome of their lies.

Is there any wonder that the European Union negotiators are suspicious of anything the UK Conservatives are saying, why so many of the UK negotiating have quit and perhaps most importantly why so many European Countries now consider the UK as being irrelevant –

– perhaps to the extent that they no longer even consider us seriously even if they think about us at all.