On Being Instantly Judgemental

Is the world to quick to be instantly judgmental on everything?

I can understand it when considering the leading politicians of some countries such as 

Theresa May, Boris Johnston, David Davies, Liam Fox, Donald Trump, Mike Pence. Robert Mugabe et al – the list is almost endless – but what about in everyday life?
The reason I ask is because we have just picked up our new motorhome – its second hand really but new to us – and decided that to get used to it we would travel from South Devon where we live to North Devon for a few days.

Now to those who don’t know us that well the ‘we’ I’m talking about is me, two Springers and Liz who reminded me I have been married to her for 34 years this weekend.

So you’d think that nothing would really surprise me – wouldn’t you?

Well it turns out there is?

It seems that Liz has been reading something ‘online’ to do with motorhome owners about how in the past owners used to wave at other owners when they passed them on the road and that it was something that should be brought back into being.

The upshot was that she was going to wave at every motorhome saw coming in the opposite direction and not only that but give me a running commentary as they waved back – which I have to say the majority did with a smile – oh how happy Liz was.

I of course was concentrating on driving when suddenly there was a sudden ejaculation (not that sort you filthy minded reader) from Liz along the lines of – or to be more precise – “miserable bastard”

My immediate thought was what have I done or not done that I didn’t know about, but as it turns out it was simply because some inconsiderate sod hadn’t returned her wave hence the immediate judgmental decision that they must be “miserable bastards”

Liz then went on a campaign of waving to everyone who was driving anything that she even thought looked remotely like a motorhome including on one occasion a white van driver who no doubt made an instant judgment that there was a crazy woman waving at everyone.

Still what did I really expect?

 – you can take the kid out of Coventry (where Liz comes from) – but clearly can’t take Coventry out of the kid.

Now there’s another case of being judgmental.

Ho Hum World

Get used to it because it isn’t going to change anytime soon.