21st Century Crisis – No Internet.

We decided that having collected out new motorhome we should go away for the weekend to get used to how it operates so with that in mind we packed the dogs and set off to stay in North Devon.

It being September we have seen the best of the summer which isn’t a problem because the coastal walks are brilliant.

Which brings me to the point of this blog.

Why is everyone obsessed with having access to everyone else 24/7 375 days a year?

The reason I ask is because a friend – who will remain nameless to avoid embarrassment – sent me a text message to my iPhone saying that they couldn’t contact me because it was switched off.

Now don’t get me wrong I think 4g iPhones are fantastic but there is a reason why they are called mobile phones but amongst which I don’t recall reading 

“You have purchased this device, taken out a contract in order that you can be contacted at any time someone wants to talk to you”

For pities sake it’s my phone.

The same can be said about other modern day devices such as the iPad on which I am sat writing this whilst sat in our motorhome being buffeted by winds in access of 40mph coming straight off of the Irish Sea.

And no I am not connected to the Internet so this cannot be published until we get home next week.

What appears to my friends to be strange is that when we packed up to go on holiday we packed clothes, walking boots, food and items to help us survive away from the comforts of our home.

Yes we do take our mobile phones and iPads along with Kindles to read.

But that is the point, we take “our” devices for “our” use if we feel the need to use them.

Is that a sin?

Apparently there are some who think intentionally cutting yourself off from modern communications – even for a few days – is a heinous crime.

I just don’t get it and quite frankly have absolutely no intention of trying to get it.

Yes I like my gadgets but only in as much as I am the one who decides how and when I’ll use them.

If that offends people then perhaps they should try it – stay of the instant media devices for 24 hours – you may find it leaves you with time to do something else.

And who knows the something else may well turn out to be something you really enjoy.

In the meantime if I don’t answer immediately – 

Leave a message.