Family Legacy

Being one of six 

One girl five boys

We didn’t have much money

And never many toys

So we’d knock on doors 

And run and hide

The door handles we would tie

Knock and watch as people tried

To open them to reply

It was such simple play

Knock down ginger

And run away

Parents all were very peeved

When neighbours told them

How we mischiefed 

Winter nights spent indoors

Playing games, banging doors

But not before we’d done our chores

We learned to cook and how to sew

To clean our shoes and wash our clothes

The use of drugs was unheard

Outside, fresh air and sunshine

Was what we all preferred

Given names were never used

Steve, Dave, Janey,

Andy, Dick, Paley 

Were the versions of our friends 

Except of course out of fear

Whenever Mum was around to hear

And when we were out of school 

We never came to harm

Except for minor injuries

Did we have a lucky charm?

There were times that we got mucky

Are kids today so lucky?

When kids today go out to play

They sadly need more protection

Than we did way back then

Free from fear and rejection

So Kath and Jack

Who gave us life 

And so long ago departed

Stephen, me and Jane

Andrew, Richard and our Neil

I hope we’ve made you proud

The values that you gave us

For the talents we possess

For all our limitations 

We’ve all tried to do our best

And what of the generation

Of Palethorpe’s 

Who across the world are spread

I hope they face the world free from fear

For the legacy they’ve inherited

Isn’t based on fear or dread

It doesn’t come from up above

The family values you’ve inherited 

Come based on trust and love