Why Do We Blog?

Why Do We Blog?

I was going to write this blog on why with 7.5 billion people on the planet and only 196 countries how did we end up with National Leaders such as Donald Trump, Robert Mugabe, Kim Jong-un, King Salam and Erdogan …..et al and why an earth is it that we cannot find better?

But then I got to thinking – and I follow a number of people who blog – why do I and in many cases we blog at all?

Yes there are those who probably consider themselves professional writers, those who have done a journalism degree – though by the standard of journalism in the UK – (with a few, a very few notable exceptions) if The Sun, Daily Mail, and many of the other main stream media outlets are anything to go by begs the question “what does a journalism degree actually entail”? 

– but more often than not those that blog are just like me – amateurs who in no way pretend to have a great literary style and certainly don’t ever expect to be considered a brilliant writer.

So why write at all?

Is it because deep down inside we think there’s a great novel waiting to suddenly come into our consciousness that will be acknowledged as a masterpiece across the world?

Or is it that we just like to write for no other reason that we feel the need to satisfy our angst, anger or joy at the world by seeing it written down in such a way that no matter how clever a wordsmith you are it can never be set out in 140 Twitter characters.

I’m not even sure why I write blogs, it certainly isn’t about spreading the word according to DP because even though the 722 blogs I’ve written to date have had over 106,000 hits it isn’t that important.

Having said that I’m grateful someone reads them even if they only do it out of curiosity.

Sometimes I write because things amuse me and let’s face it if you cannot see the amusement in the world albeit only at the farcical way people, and especially the politicians behave then what can you find amusing.

All to often I write about things and people that at one end of the scale annoy me and at the other end of the scale I’d happily run over if I saw them in the street.

Is there ever an excuse for the use of violence?

Well yes there is – when faced with fascists and misogynists amongst many others.

But that’s another story.

The truth is writing things down helps to sort whatever I’m thinking about into some kind of order and as a way of releasing any anger or tension I have about the issue?

I suppose what I’m really saying is that blogs are a personal perspective and reflection on events and issues that people who blog are only to happy to share which in turn leaves them open to criticism.

I’ve no problem with people disagreeing with me just as long as they accept the facts – if I use them are as accurate as any research into the issue that I carry out.

Perhaps that’s why so few Members of Parliament blog?

Telling the truth and presenting justifiable and verifiable facts seems to be a skill that the Main Stream Media appear to have decided only gets in the way of their story.

As for the blog about why so many of the 196 National Leaders are a combination of cruel, callous, self-serving incompetent dictators or despots whether democratically elected or otherwise – well that will have to wait for another day.

Perhaps it will be the blog that’ll reveal my hidden literary genius.

A word to the wise though 

Don’t hold your breath.