Obsession with Looking for New Hitler?

I first published this on the 11th March this year.

It appears Donald Trump may be the one after all?

Bang goes any chance of me being allowed to enter the USA – which is just as well I suppose seeing as how I’m on record of saying he and anything his family are involved in should be boycotted.

Still I suppose it is better for them to have another Civil War within the USA than letting him loose on the rest of the world.
Looking for New Hitler?

The number of people who are drawing parallels between policies of Donald Trump and the Nazis rise to power is increasing with every statement that he makes to the extent that on his current trajectory I predict it will almost certainly take on a mythological truth all of its own.

It seems an absurd and unthinkable even as an abstract concept that people are comparing a President of the USA to Hitler because the American system of separated government and enumerated powers is designed to prevent a “Hitler” from showing up in the USA.

Or at least if one does they shouldn’t be able to rise to the position of President.

However history is littered with extremist and despotic Leaders who had or have somehow managed to bypass the establishment and rise to positions of power.

So a few of things about Hitler it may worth thinking about.

Firstly Hitler didn’t start out just killing Jews. 

He started by isolating and euthanising people with special needs for what he called the betterment of caregivers lives, promoting and fostering nationalism and patriotism that his and only his kind were the true inheritors of the world and blaming minority groups and people who were different for all of the nations woes.

I’ll leave it to you to decide which side of the argument for the extermination of ‘inconvenient’ people you support.

Secondly he disarmed the population, which of course the NRA would never allow, and then nationalised healthcare and education which is definitley not going to happen in the USA with a President who believes that sickness and especially illness that cannot be paid for by the individual is just another means of natural selection.

The Donald Trump Helthcare policy is simply, 

“If you can pay to be healthy you deserve to exist if you can’t then you will not be missed”

I have no doubt listening to Donald Trump and as he has consistently demonstrated by his actions that he is a racist, fascist white supremacist who believes that anyone, including women, who are not white are inferior to him.

However if we keep looking for Hitler in every politician or businessman with power who we disagree with we may well miss and not recognise the real one when he or she actually shows up …..

Perhaps one will turn up in a different country…..

Or just perhaps…..

Donald Trump is the one…..