South West MP’s – Magic Money Tree A Fantasy

It’s quite ironic that the loyal South West Conservative Members of Parliament who stood on their “Strong and Stable” Manifesto and who now are dependent on the apparently non existing Magic Money Tree giving the DUP over £1.5 billion appear to be happy that first of all their policies have been scrapped and secondly that the DUP have effectively guarantee they can keep their snouts in the bottomless Westminster trough.

As a resident of the South West who never believed that a Government who could find over £400 billion to recapitalise the Banks via quantitive easing and can find millions in expenses and allowances for MP’s didn’t have a magic money tree I can’t help wondering why the South West MP’s haven’t combined forces and given the tree a good shake.

After all apart from the odd slip of the tongue – or at least that is what we are told to believe – haven’t they told us that they only want to be our representatives to do what is best for their constituents?

And yes they do say ‘all of their constituents’ even those who have a skin tone that many come to the West Country every year in the hope of attaining – though judging by the comments of some you may be led to think differently.

Just think if they formed a South West Magic Money Tree cult, complete with hoods and symbolisms what huge amount of magic money could be invested in the underfunded front line services in the region?

But of course they won’t because to do so would require them to be honest and courageous and put their constituents before their party and can anyone this side of Hogwarts believe that would ever happen?

To believe so you would have to either be completely delusional or have entered the realms of fantasy that only someone as great as the late Terry Pratchett could dream up.