Fox Hunting – Why?

When I was in the Royal Navy there was a Book of Reference, what we all knew by its short title BR, that is basically the RN sports bible which as you would expect had in it the rules for rugby, football, cricket, hockey etc.

There was one notable entry however that went under what I recall being  “For those who hunt with the hounds” -and yes it was the rules of fox hunting.

Now I always found it amusing that this was in an RNBR because as you may have worked out for yourself there isn’t a great deal of call for horses when at sea, but of course you will also have worked out that on shore those in ‘staff’ jobs had to be occupied somehow.

I’m not against those who want to gather together in fancy dress and ride their horses through the British countryside accompanied by a pack of dogs if that is what they chose to do in their own time.

But for the life of me I can’t find any reason or understand why someone would enjoy taking part in and watching a creature being pursued and then torn apart whilst it is still alive.

If they want to ‘hunt’ then fair enough follow a scent laid out on a ‘drag hunt’

I suppose holding this view will lead people to think I’m some kind of tree hugging vegetarian or vegan who also objects to the killing of cattle, pigs and sheep on the grounds that it’s cruel.

Well I don’t because 
a. I eat meat, and 
b. There are strict rules about how the animals are killed.

If the decision was taken that in future those who wish to “hunt with the hounds” were  also allowed to chase down sheep, cows and pigs – would that be a level playing field? – then my objections to it would be the same as that of fox hunting.

There will be some who say this is now irrelevant because even though our Christian Vicars Daughter Prime Minister believes hunting foxes with hounds is alright she has now reversed her decision to hold a parliamentary vote on it.

But a word of caution – it is still relevant because we know how she and many of her Conservative Member of Parliament colleagues think about and would support scrapping the ban if they had the chance to.

Which begs the question.

Fox Hunting – WHY?