I Bloody Love An Election

I confess I absolutely love elections for no other reason than I like to see the drama unfold on election night which was even better when I was involved as a candidate.

So as you can imagine I followed the General Election outcome with interest and as always came up with a few lesson that I’ve learned from it.

So what were they and how does it link in to the title of this blog?

Well we learned that 32.2 million people voted and that another 14.6 million decided not to bother because in their opinion 32.2 million being involved would be enough to form a Government – any Government – 

– and anyway they had more important things to do.

Of the 32.2 million 13.66 million unselfishly decided to put the National Interest first and voted to help the exchequer by voting for a Dementia Tax, taking free school meals from vulnerable children, stopping winter fuel allowance even though it would plunge even more elderly people into or even deeper into fuel poverty and continuing with the Conservative austerity agenda.

How patriotic and unselfish of them to support Mrs May and her policies – especially their recognition and understanding that there isn’t a magic money tree so they’re prepared to pay for their own – if they are aged – or their families care – if they’re younger.

My admiration for them is limitless and knows no bounds.

They chose to believe those who they know lied during the EU referendum in order to get their own way and continued in the same vein during the General Election campaign.

How delighted and forgiving they must be towards such as Johnston, Gove, Davies and Fox who we are told are now in charge of the Brexit negotiations.

Perhaps they were persuaded and believed the promise from Theresa May and Philip Hammond that if elected they would in recognition of the fantastic work they do in protecting and looking after us all lift the pay cap on public sector workers.

OK they reneged on the promise in the very first debate in Parliament – but what the hell it will all be forgotten by the time the next General Election is called and they can, like the promise on controlling immigration, always promise it again next time around.

On the other side of course were 12.87 million who selfishly decide the care of the vulnerable and less fortunate was a price worth paying and voted for a party who opposed all of the above and promised the re-nationalisation of the railways, stopping the closure of NHS Accident and Emergency departments, to scrap the punitive cap on public sector wages, to protect the NHS, to scrap University Tuition fees and to give all school children a hot meal.

The bastards – how selfish is that?

Is this what we pay are taxes for ffs.

The next largest party got over 2.3 million votes but only won 12 MP’s – and they and we call this Democracy.

Perhaps the most interesting thing we learned is that the ultra right wing arm of the Conservatives – formerly known as UKIP – facing extinction as those who voted for them in the past left in droves to vote for one of the other two main parties.

593,000 people still voted UKIP but what is even more interesting to me is where the UKIP voters went.

The commonly held view was that if not all at least 95% would return to their natural home with the Conservatives which wasn’t exactly how it panned out with 65% doing so but 30% going to Labour and the rest elsewhere.

I can understand the 65% who went back to the Conservatives when taking into account that the party has deliberately moved towards the UKIP position both in terms of domestic and foreign policy and our relationship with the European Union.

But why did UKIP voters go to Labour? 

Why did they go to a Labour Party who under Jereemy Corbyn stand for and stood in the General Election for just about everything a right wing, xenophobic UKIP supporter would find nothing short of being an anathema.

What we do know however is that in the eight weeks since the election the Conservative “Strong and Stable” Manifesto has been almost entirely placed firmly in the bin marked “No Longer Conservative Policy”

I wonder how many of the 13.66 million who voted for them will ask their candidates at the next General Election – “is this also a mythical manifesto”?

We have also discovered there is a magical “money tree” that has been discovered in the garden at number 11 Downing Street but it’s magic only works if the money is spent on keeping the incumbents of Number 10 and 11 Downing Street in residence.

Apparently the moment you approach the tree for money to fund a fair wage for nurses, police, prison officers, armed services or fire and emergency workers it mysteriously vanishes.

Or as the late Paul Daniels would have said.

“Now that’s magic”

So where to next?

Well – and I am only speaking for myself – another General Election cannot come soon enough and for one very simple reason which is that the sooner one is called the less time those who supported this self serving shower will have to forget just how quickly they went back on everything they said and promised during the last campaign.

And anyway – as I said at the start – 

I bloody love an election.

Or should that now be

I love a ‘bloody’ election?