A Manifesto Lies in Tatters

A manifesto lies in tatters

And YES it really matters

She led her own campaign

To make us “Strong and Stable”

She May have got away with it

But her friends are less than able

“Look at my manifesto”

“It promises you a better life”

But when the count was over

Promises were cast aside

It’s not my fault the lady cried 

She said she shed a tear

“I cannot form a Government”

My power has disappeared

And with my hold on power gone

I’ve had to make new friends

I’ve made a great new deal 

For me

With the DUP

It has only cost a billion

To have my friends agree

Some say that it’s a nonsense

And say it soon will end

To parlay with the nutters

On which I now depend

The lady’s in denial

She refuses to go or bend

To remain as Prime Minister

Her bigoted friends 

She will defend.