My Time My End

With over 2,500 ex-UK armed services personnel currently in prison because of crimes committed in the most part related to alcohol and drugs brought about by mental health issues which are in turn related to PTSD.

 Is there any wonder that some of them feel there is only one solution?

It isn’t an act of cowardice or weakness or selfishness – just a practical solution to regain their personal freedom and dignity.

Words will never be able to describe the mental anguish many of them face – thankfully organisations such as Combat Stress and the British Legion have helped many avoid such a fate.

My Time My End 

The politicians failed

And sent me off to war

To kill on behalf of you

Of them and theirs and yours

I was a willing volunteer

In answering the countries call

I served her very faithfully

Though it sent me into hell

But now I sit hear silently

Just a hollow shell

The freedom for which I fought 

Like my life is at an end

When the judge said with a frown

Take the prisoner down

Now how long will it be

Until I again will be free

My decision has been made

So I patiently wait

Until the key turns in the lock

And I can meet my fate

It’s eerily silent now 

Quiet throughout the block 

It’s now my time 

In the quiet of night

I’ll regain my freedom

Before dawn brings the new light

It is my final act

It’ll free me from this plight

And so I sit here silently

In a cell within my mind

It is my quiet time

Before it all does end

It is my quiet time

I’m sorry – 

Goodbye – My friends