Recycling – Great Idea But Be Careful

One of the problems with recycling of which there aren’t many is being aware that you shouldn’t let criminals, especially burglars know what you have bought.

As a now retired Head of Offender Management for a period with HM Prison Service life was nothing if not interesting.

For decades there has been debate and discussion around prison effectively being centres for criminal learning where prisoners learn about different crimes and how to carry them out.

What people never discuss is the fact that staff also learn a thing or two from the prisoners.

And yes we do bump into former inmates as we go about our normal lives away from the job.

Which brings me to something I learned about the problems of not being cautious when recycling.

But first a question.

Would you make a list of what you have recently brought and then display it outside your home?

Of course not that would be extraordinarily stupid.

But we do and especially around Birthdays, Christmas and when moving to a new home.

By putting out the packaging of everything we have bought for recycling we are effectively producing a catalogue for potential burglars who can easily discover the recycling days wander past and have a look.

It’s then just a case of waiting for people to go out.

Putting aside the fact that burglary is such an awful offence because of the invasion of people’s homes you can’t fault the logic of how a professional burglars mind works.

Councils in their attempt to help the taxpayer especially at Christmas time change their recycling rules to allow ‘large cardboard’ and additional boxes to be left as side waste for collection.

And guess what it also has the positive impact of householders being given an amnesty and not being receiving a ‘naughty sticker’ for a week or so.

I have no idea what the Palethorpe household will be buying this year and especially whether it will include valuable portable items but what I do know is that we’ll not be letting potential burglars know.

Why make it easy for them.

I’ll be taking any such packaging to the local tip.