Love the Planet

The earth is our planet

It’s dying we are told

The damage we are doing

We all can see unfold

The question we should be asking

Is this what life’s about

Do we love the air we breathe

Or do we simply sigh 

As across the whole wide world

We pollute the skies

Why do we waste the water

On which we all rely

Do we love the oceans

Do we love the seas

Do we love the earth

That provides all of our food

Do we love the nature

Do we love tranquillity 

Even more and more important 

Do we love humanity 

We need to love the world

It’s the only one we have

Look, look at its beauty

Enjoy everything it has

Don’t you find it thrilling

Isn’t it great to be alive 

We need to save the planet

For our children to survive

Now is the time for action

People need to start believing 

That the only way that we can thrive

Is love the earth we’re killing