Harikari Politics – UK Style

Harikari Politics – UK Style

If it wasn’t so serious a matter for the sixty five million people who populate these small islands the way in which Theresa May and her Conservative friends in Westminster are committing political Harikari would be hilariously uplifting.

I know there will be many – running into over thirteen million who voted for her – who will argue that she and they haven’t embarked on a pact to commit ritual political suicide.

But how else could you interpret the result of the General Election in which she ran a ‘Presidential’ style election having entered the campaign with a seventeen seat majority in the House of Commons – losing it entirely – and now being reliant on the Democratic Unionist Party to survive.

I was going to say relying on Arlene Foster and her DUP to implement the Conservative Manifesto but as the General Election result with millions flocking to Labour has already effectively scuppered that why give the DUP any of the credit?

I’m not sure there is even an effective word to describe the irony of the Theresa May Westminster Government being dependant on Arlene Foster who is unable to even agree with the opposition on how to form a Northern Ireland Home Rule Government at Stormont.

The ‘coalition of the unworthy’ may survive for a while – well at least until the £1.5 billion ‘bung’ runs out – but then what?

And throughout the period it does survive Theresa May and her devoted extreme Brexiteers will be negotiating the UK withdrawal from the European Union.

Perhaps and I am not in the least as a fan of democracy sorry to say that what we need is another election in which we may see a sea change across the political landscape and a result that gives us a Government that doesn’t need to rely on shabby deals with extremists or otherwise.