Misery May

A manifesto in tatters And yes it really matters A Prime Minister Who won’t go away For her ego She’ll stay Ergo Misery Each day For many Delivered by   Misery May

A Manifesto Lies in Tatters

A manifesto lies in tatters And YES it really matters She led her own campaign To make us “Strong and Stable” She May have got away with it But her friends are less than able “Look at my manifesto” “It promises you a better life” But when the count was over Promises were cast aside…Read more »

My Time My End

With over 2,500 ex-UK armed services personnel currently in prison because of crimes committed in the most part related to alcohol and drugs brought about by mental health issues which are in turn related to PTSD.  Is there any wonder that some of them feel there is only one solution? It isn’t an act of…Read more »