Mrs May – Who is really abusing the Welfare Budget?

Is sentencing children to poverty a price worth paying?

Mrs May – Who is really abusing the Welfare Budget?

As the national argument following the implementation of the Conservative Governments welfare reforms continues to rage it is perhaps an apt time to ask why and who is really abusing the welfare system.

The desperation of the Government which was amply displayed by the Chancellor of the Exchequers statement that those opposed to the changes are “uneducated and ill-informed” is understandable because of the real fear that many of the Tory MP’s have for their seats in the forthcoming General Election.

No-one has ever argued that it isn’t necessary to target those who are abusing and milking the system which the Labour party actually introduced actions to reduce.

The problem is that the Governments approach is the difference between a ‘bomber pilot’ and a ‘fighter pilot’.

The ‘bomber pilot’ drops their bombs over a wide area hoping to hit the specific target but in reality also hitting the innocent who are euphemistically referred to as collateral damage.

In contrast to the ‘fighter pilot’ identifies a target and deals with it with a minimum of collateral damage.

Surely any sensible humane and compassionate Government would prefer to target those individuals who are milking and abusing the system?

This Theresa May Conservative Government clearly don’t agree and think that the demonization of millions of hard-working people and those who have been hard-working but who have lost their jobs because of the Governments failing economic policies are all idle feckless skiving spongers who must be punished.

It is not only lacking in compassion but is actually a brutal, callous and cruel approach that is driving ordinary decent people and families into poverty.

The problem is not the welfare system which has been developed by successive Governments over the past 60 years to provide a safety net and what is effectively a ‘top up’ for the low paid to enable them to provide the basics for their families.

The problem is that too many employers in the full knowledge of how the system operates are only prepared to pay the very basic minimum wage.

A minimum wage that it should be remembered was opposed by the Conservatives that bordered on hysteria.

A minimum wage designed to provide a base line from which the level of welfare benefits could be assessed.

The problem is with those employers who are not prepared to pay a Living Wage who are abusing the system and relying on the rest of the taxpayers to effectively subsidise their workforce.

And who can blame them?

Private sector businesses of all sizes have seen their costs rise and their profit margins squeezed through the lack of Government support over the past seven years and a failing banking system that has refused to pass on the £425 billion pounds provided through quantitative easing  to small and medium size businesses.

In effect Conservatives policy is to effectively say that they too are happy and prepared to be ‘low wage paying employers’ with the singular difference from the private sector of also being champions for the cuts that has sentenced hundreds of thousands of families to a life of poverty.

What the Conservatives and especially those who are wholly united behind Theresa May really believe having families in poverty is a price worth paying.
How cruel and callous is that?

So in answer to the question, “Mrs May  – Who is really abusing the Welfare Budget”? The answer is,

You and your Conservatives who are using it as a weapon against those who cannot fight back, or at least you think they can’t fight back.

This Thursday, June 8th you may discover you are wrong.

I sincerely hope so.