Spring – Take Rubbish Home

Spring – Take Rubbish Home

It is amazing how everyone’s mood changes when the clocks go forward and nature declares that Spring is at last here, and it is even greater enhanced as we enter summer.

Everywhere you look the colours are changing from those of drab and depressing winter to the brilliant colours of blossom in all its glory.

In contrast to the wonderful show that nature is puts on at the same time there is the alternative show – the human one.

I should I suppose say that I walk a lot mainly with our two Springers.

Anyway the point is that every day I see the many varieties of colours around me – not just from nature but from other people’s rubbish. 

It has got so bad that I’ve now arrived at the point where I’ve taken to carrying a plastic bag with me that by the end of the walk ends up filled with cans, wrappers, plastic bottles and would you believe it even discarded disposable nappies.

When they advertise them as disposable do those who buy then understand it doesn’t mean just throw them anywhere you choose?

Apparently as far as some are concerned – they don’t.

Picking up after others is the only way I can deal with my frustration and anger that people show so little regard for the environment.

I just don’t get it

Where do people think the rubbish is going to go?

Do they realise that the same rubbish could be around for their great , great, great grandchildren to see?

What a great legacy to leave.

Do they realise that wildlife could die a tortuous and extremely painful death because of their thoughtfulness?

Those that don’t take their rubbish with them or are to bloody idle to put it in bins provided clearly don’t.

Imagine what would happen if everyone dropped their litter, their picnic stuff, their baby nappies wherever they wanted – the place would be submerged in detritus and without doubt it would be a ‘rats’ paradise.

I and I’m sure many can remember when the ‘bin men’ went on strike and our streets were festooned with rubbish the end result being to call out the troops to clear it.

Is it to much to ask people to be more considerate and clear their rubbish themselves?

And, in the knowledge that there will still be those who won’t perhaps it isn’t much to ask those who do care to do their bit for nature and the environment and take a bag with you, even collecting one, two or three bits of rubbish helps.