To Right We’re Bloody Angry – Update

‪I and my generation are angry at Theresa May and the Conservatives about having our houses taken away to pay for care that we have paid for in NI over the years, 

we’re angry at having the winter fuel allowance cut, 

we’re angry at Over 75’s losing the free television licence, 

we’re angry that women born in the 1950’s have had five years of pension – £35,000 – that they have paid for stolen from them by this Government , 

we’re angry that the grandchildren of the poorest are having their school dinners taken from them, 

we’re angry seeing the NHS that brought us into the world being sold off to hedge funds, 

we’re angry that over 1 million people, most who are working being reliant on food banks to feed their families,

we’re angry that 25,000 police have been taken off our streets

we’re angry that the fantastic ambulance services have been cut to the bone

we’re angry that our armed services have been cut and so many ex- armed services veterans are living on the streets

we’re angry that MP’s gave themselves a 11% pay rise while telling nurses they’re only worth a paltry 1%

we’re angry that if diagnosed with dementia the only way to maximise what we leave for our children after working for years to make a better life is according to Theresa May for us to die quickly – Denentia Tax

Yes we are bloody angry about a lot of things

but most of all – 

We’re Bloody Angry at being derided, ignored and taken for granted by this spiteful, cruel and callous Conservative Government ‬

It is in our hands whether we continue to accept it by Voting on June 8th.

It is in our children’s and their families hands whether they are willing to accept it by Voting on June 8th.

If you stay at home you might just as well have gone out and Voted Conservative because that is what it amount to.

It is our choice

Give in, surrender and Accept It 


Stand up fight and Change it.