Holiday in the USA – Not a Hope

The true and ugly face of the USA – guaranteed to put people off visiting.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who keeps getting invitations to take up the offer of a great deal – and cheap as well – to visit and holiday in the USA.

Come to California, Disney World Florida, Visit the Rockies, Fly Virgin etc, etc.

So why is it that this is a recent development?
What it clearly indicates is that those whose livelihoods depend on the tourist industry are worried which may explain why hotels and airlines in the USA are making an effort to encourage people to visit by cutting prices.

The problem for them is of course identifying why the number of visitors has fallen.

Is it perhaps because of the very clear message coming from Donald Trump and the Republicans that all people from overseas are considered as ‘undesirable foreigners?’ 

It’s a message that is the focal point of the Donald Trump White House immigration policies.

I can only speak for myself but the Trump travel ban on visitors from some countries and the extreme measures and time it takes to pass through their security and customs makes the USA a very unattractive place to visit.

Even transferring to another flight at Los Angeles Airport enroute to New Zealand is enough to put anyone off going anywhere near it ever again.

The USA tourism industry clearly recognises the issue which is why as the number of visitors continues to fall they have countered by lowering prices to keep the volume of visitors up.

The question is whether in the current political climate in the USA will simply lowering prices work?

Or will the “anti-USA sentiment” we are increasingly seeing around the world fuelled by the ever increasing erratic and unstable Donald Trump put people off visiting the USA?

It is an issue that at least one of the US States recognised when Hawaii blocked the White House travel ban because it would damage their tourist industry.

Economically it is a major issue to the USA because tourism is worth over $1.5trillion to the economy which is over 8% of its Gross Domestic Product by any measure a considerable financial boost to the economy.

At a time when Donald Trump is loudly proclaiming that he will put America First and bring jobs back to the USA it seems his attitude to foreigners is having exactly the opposite affect for those employed in the tourism.

When I served in the Royal Navy I often visited the USA and always found that they were open and friendly.

Under the current White House regime the traditionally open and friendly face of the USA has turned into an unfriendly and ugly face which no amount of price reduction will overcome.

The reality is for people like me unless the USA revert to being friendly, open and welcoming then offering special deals is a waste of time and will be while-ever the ugly anti – foreigner racist side of the USA as epitomised by Donald Trump is the face they are happy to present to the world.