Theresa May – Delusional, Dishonest or Just Out of Touch 

Delusional or Simply Dishonest?

When Theresa May talks about and promises that she will strengthen workers rights after spending the whole of her political career undermining those rights you have to ask yourself is she being dishonest or simply delusional that people will believe her.

Take one example of her approach, that of people having to work longer as they rob them of their pensions even though they have already paid in.

This is particularly galling to those WASPI women who not only have been robbed of up to five years of their pension, or in simple terms over £35000, but worse still having to do so having not been informed that it was going to happen.

So lets look at why those Over -60’s may not be able to continue to work,

They are burnt out after 40 – 50 years of working.

They may not be physically able because of illness brought on by the ageing process.

They are completely disillusioned by the rewards of continuing to work on.

It many come as a surprise to Theresa May but people have interests other than work and want to spend some time enjoying them with their family and friends while they are physically able to enjoy it.

They could, and in fact it is an ever increasing reality that they are looking after grand children while the parents go out to work.

They are full time carers for their partners or elderly parents.

Or it may be that they just aren’t as aware and have the quickness of mind that they had when they were younger.

This is of course not an exhaustive list but what it amounts to is this,

Any promise from Theresa May and the Conservatives to strengthen workers rights has to also include strengthening and protecting their pension rights.

Why should they believe her when she has never protected them before.

So why would they now?

I’d suggest that this is just another Election Promise that demonstrates why people should not trust a word the Conservatives say.

And now of course if you are looking after an elderly or vulnerable member of the family you can look forward to paying a Dementia Tax and anything you have worked for to hand on to your children wil be taken from you.

And yet millions will blindly go to the voting booth and Vote Conservative and those that abstain will be complicit in whatever a Conservative Government will inflict on them.