Fashion Police – Damaged Goods?

I once wrote about the then fashion statement which was all the vogue at the time namely that of people wearing ‘skinny jeans’ who let’s be honest didn’t have the body composition to carry it off.

It applies equally to both the male and female wearers who seem blissfully unaware that a big arse, fat legs and an overdeveloped mid -region ‘muffin top’ are not conducive to wearing ‘skinny jeans’.

This is of course only a personal opinion but does that make the observation invalid?

Which brings me to another fashion that I find difficult to understand, that of people who spend their hard earned money on jeans that have a pre-determined designer slash in the material at the knees, and in some cases across other parts.

Fashion as they say is like art in the eye of the beholder and I confess that in my youth, as teenager (and yes it was over 50 years ago and the 60’s) I was a dedicated follower of fashion which entailed wearing sky blue jeans, two inch Cuban heel boots and later on bell bottoms with real bells sewn on them.

The chances of sneaking up on anyone was zero you could hear teenagers coming from miles away.

How cool was that 😃😃👍

I’m not exactly sure when I fell out of being interested in fashion and adopted what is a more practical approach to what I wear.

Perhaps it was when I realised that it was easier just to wear clothes that I felt comfortable in and stopped minding what people thought about my sartorial elegance.

The result of course, much to the frustration of my family is that I now have clothes that are over 20 years old and which incidentally still fit me.

Which means of course in the modern world of consumerism that they should be thrown away, especially when they have become a little worn.

I blame the Royal Navy where I learned that the ancient term ‘make-and-mend’ was all about doing exactly that, ‘mending’ which I continue to do toto the extent that I actually have items that have gone out of and come back into fashion.

Even clothes that I finally admit I shouldn’t be seen out in public wearing don’t find their way into the dustbin, after all I still have decorating, gardening and other jobs to do so why throw away ready made work clothes?

Some of which have through a combination of years of wear or accident have rips or become torn bringing my ‘make-and-mend’ skills to the fore.

The question I ask though is why an earth, especially in these time of austerity would anyone spend their hard earned money on an item of clothing that starts off as already ripped when brand new?

And that’s not taking into account the fact that the designer slashes allow a breeze to enter and cool the nether regions.

Not so bad in summer but what about in the winter?

So the question is this – 

Am I when wearing my ‘ancient’ non-designer ‘Holey’ clothes that have come about from years of wear at the height of modern fashion alongside those from modern designers?

The answer is of course no because fashion in the world of ‘I want it now’ is for the young and just as in the 60’s it has to be taken and considered in context with the times.

Tight sky blue jeans with four inch turn ups, bells sewn onto the bottom of 20 inch wide bell bottoms was ridiculous to anyone over the age of 40 in 1964 so perhaps it would be wise to accept that designer damaged goods sold at an extortionate price today is OK.

In the meantime this ‘old gimmer’ will sacrifice sartorial elegance and sophistication for comfort and safety and more importantly I’ll wait patiently for them to come back into fashion for a third time.