That I  No Longer Care

One of the cruellest illnesses that sits today is dementia that as it progresses robs people of their memories and dignity.

It started very slowly

“Where have I put my keys”

It didn’t really register

That my mind was not at ease

It scared me when it was mentioned

That perhaps the time had come

To go and be assessed

To see if something’s wrong

But as my memories faded

The truth began to dawn

That perhaps my mind is fading

I’m beginning to withdraw

I stand and stare at what I don’t know

I know I can’t go back

To what I was before

People talk to me as friends

Who’ve known me all my life

It sad that I don’t remember them

I’m starting to feel fright

I have no recall at all

What it was that we all shared

I know that even in a crowd

I know that I’m still loved

Is it so very wrong

When alone and in despair

That I’m now at the stage

Where I no longer care