Brexit – What is the “Best Deal?”

David Palethorpe

Brexit – What is the “Best Deal?”

Am I the only one in the United Kingdom who keeps asking themselves every time they hear the Government, and to be fair the main opposition say “we will” or “we need” to secure the best deal for the “blah, blah , blah” UK sector -

What do they even mean by the “best deal”?

Theresa May and her band of ultra- Brexiteers keep stating it without in any way explaining what it means.

And now that Article 50 has been triggered and they have called a General Election they are ‘pledging’ to get the best deal!!!

But will they?

If we look at just one sector, that of agriculture, the Conservatives pledge that they will get the ‘best deal’ for UK farmers and food producers not only in Europe but across the whole world.

A pledge by the waybeing a solemn promise…

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