UK – Drop the Portcullis and Raise the Drawbridge – Goodbye EU

Thankfully and not before time the United Kingdon has dropped the portcullis on the European Union.

(Please read to the end before making a judgment)

As a confirmed and believer in anything and everything David Davies, Boris Johnston and Liam Fox are telling us about the great opportunities that are waiting as soon as we finalise our divorce with the European Union I say this.

There is no legal basis on which we should pay the £50 billion to leave what is let’s face it a busted flush of a club that is failing at every turn.

And anyway this is the United Kingdon, formerly known, and still by many of us as Great Britain who will not be bullied by those in Europe just to satisfy their vindictiveness and spite.

The Europeans know that the UK has been one of if not the largest net contributor to the EU and before that the Common Market and before that in contributing to the Marshall Plan that rebuilt Europe after WW2.

Only to be treated shabbily by the Europeans and watch as our money disappeared into the European Parliament black hole of mismanagement and corruption.

So EU how about paying it back or at least transfer the many European Union assets that the British tax payer has funded for all of these years back to us.

When I talk about the post war Marshal Plan perhaps I should remind those in Europe who have conveniently forgotten that had it not been for the UK there would be an EU.

It only exists because we stood up not once but twice during the early 20th Century after they all capitulated to save the continent from tyranny and war that it had brought upon itself.

Had the UK not lifted the drawbridge and fought against extremism for what is right wher would Europe and in fact the world be?

Well we have now lifted the drawbridge once again against Europe, and not before time according to over 17 million Brits who voted for Brexit.

Goodbye Europe
Time and time again the GB taxpayer has funded without expecting any returns the protection of Europe not only with money but also, and essentially and more importantly the lives of the British who now occupy their own private spot on the Continent forever.

It is why our Brexit negotiations should take a firm stance once again and tell Europe that we will reject any demand for payment to leave their self perpetuating and failing club.

If they don’t like it then we should walk away.

From now for the first time in decades the British people have control of their own destiny and just as in the late 18th and then 19th Century the United Kingdom will be Great Again.

So EU we have dropped the portcullis and lifted the drawbridge so do us a favour – and get lost.
NB. If anyone really takes this seriously or believes that I believe in it then you are not only delusional but also believe that Boris Johnston is a genius, Nigel Farage is really a left wing socialist in disguise, that pigs really can fly or perhaps you are inhaling or injecting some form of hallucinogenic substance.

Or it may simply be that you are a little Englander xenophobic fascist because what I’ve written is the utter nonsense that we are now hearing from the extreme anti-European side.

Sadly it’s the type of utter nonsense that too many in the UK appear to believe.