Blame the Immigrants

They cheered and cheered

Crying out 

“That we have won”

No thought of the hatred

That they have unleashed

A hatred they’ve created

That can never be undone

This is the price of freedom

The winners loudly do proclaim

It’s the price of our democracy

We’ve taken back control

From those who have no names

We’ve taken back democracy

Free speech is our refrain

But if we disagree

With what you have to say

We’ll shout, scream and threaten

That you should go away

The democracy to which we subscribe

Is something you should fear

To put in very simply

You’re not welcome here

Debate does not apply

If with us you disagree 

Freedom of speech

Is not yours by right

In our democracy

So listen very carefully

To what WE have to say

Our views are the only views that count

We have won the right to say

You are no longer welcome here

So pack up and go away