Political Protest and Resistance – Keep Going

The one thing that should gives us hope about Donald Trump is the growing resistance movements not only across the USA but the world against him and his Republican Senators and Congress

Most notably perhaps being in the U.K. where people have taken to the streets to object to him coming here on a state visit

So much for the USA – U.K. Special Relationship.

John Bercow the Speaker of the House of Commons summed up the feelings of many throughout the U.K. perfectly when he said that,
“He is one of three “keyholders” that would agree to any address in the historic hall. The other two are the Lord Speaker and Lord Great Chamberlain”.

“He told MPs a Westminster Hall address “is not an automatic right – it is an earned honour.”

He added: “Ordinarily we are able to work by consensus that the hall would be able to be used for an address by agreement of the the three key holders”.

“Before the imposition of the migrant ban I would myself have been strongly opposed to an address by President Trump to Westminster Hall”.

“After the imposition of the migrant ban by President Trump I am even more strongly opposed to an address by President Trump to Westminster Hall.”

The Speaker added: “We value our relationship with the United States. If a state visit takes place, that is way beyond and above the pay grade of the Speaker”.

“However, as far as this place is concerned I feel very strongly that our opposition to racism and to sexism and our support for equality before the law and an independent judiciary are hugely important considerations in the House of Commons.”

So where does that leave the ‘intellectual political elite’ who sit around in their own cosy and comfortable little circles waxing lyrical of how the world is going down the plug hole and communicating their angst in well written articles in and /or for the Main Stream Media

Well as of now, much to their chagrin you can forget them or at least ignore them.

The current protest movement is about people who are taking to the street and I would say everyone who can should join them – while we can.

The problem as I see it with the right wing Conservative Government in the U.K. and the alt-right Republicans and Donald Trump in the USA is that they will continue to ignore the wishes of the people and make policies to suit their own agenda.

That isn’t to say that they will ignore the protests in fact far from it.

The policy of both Governments appears to be to overwhelm their populations with a tsunami of legislation and right wing policies relying on the apparent lethargy of the majority of the population which has been brought up on reality TV, fast food, consumerism and a healthy dose of scepticism of the media.

What they didn’t expect and especially Theresa May when she was photographed holding hands with him was the huge popular backlash against Donald Trump around the world which leaves the USA with a problem both at home and internationally.

The fact is people have spontaneously taken to the streets to protest.

The advantage for Theresa May and her Government is that they have been able to sneak very damaging legislation through almost unnoticed during the distraction of the protests against Donald Trump.

I don’t recall, any time since the mass protests of the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War, and yes I am old enough to remember them, seeing such a huge revolt and protest against the USA President and Government.

Around the world in democracies we watch as the protests spread from country to country supporting the American protests with their own women’s marches, to protect human rights, and anti fascist and anti racism protests.

It is ironic that in the U.K. the protests against the Donald Trump anti-immigration policy are so well attended when 17million voted for just such a policy to justify Brexit and another 16million couldn’t be bothered to vote.

Presumably those who have taken to the streets are from the 16million remain voters?

The right would love to be in a position to attack as they did Martin Luther King in the states and Tony Benn in the U.K, picking apart the leaders personal lives to discredit them and undermine the protests in order to find an excuse to ban them.

The problem is, “who exactly is leading and are the leaders of the protests”?

From what I have seen there is no clear and definitive leader or leaders of the protest movements so I’m sure much to the frustration of Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, Theresa May and their administrations there is no one single person to pick off.

Isn’t it fun to know that the ‘rabble’ as they have been called are actually safer because they don’t have an obvious spokesperson.

Which means they are free to think and speak as they want and more importantly to assemble and peacefully protest where and when they want.

But as I said before the right wing administrations will not ignore it for long

They will already be drawing up right-wing anti-protest legislation which even though it will be against everything people believe is acceptable in a Western Democracy they’ll do it in an attempt to control and suppress protests.

The next step of course would be to send in the police and then the armed services to quell protests and remove protesters.

It couldn’t happen

Watch how North Dakota pipeline protesters are being brutally evicted using the National Guard and the proposed changes in some states to restrict and ban assembly

Far Right Republican Legislators are already taking steps to criminalise protesters, they are already once again talking about ‘economic terrorism’ which is a step towards making protesters and the leaders of protest pay for the cost of crowd control.

It has already started in the USA.

“Build a wall and send the bill to Mexico

“Send in the National Guard and send the bill to the protest movement

The question is who exactly will they define as the movement?

For anyone who says it couldn’t happen in the U.K. think again,

We saw it in the UK during the 1982 Miners Strike and in anti-union legislation that Conservative Governments since have implemented and that subsequent Labour Governments have failed, in fact refused to repeal

And don’t look to the future for justice, the U.K. Right wing Conservative Government have refused to allow an independent inquiry into the police action against striking miners at Orgreave in 1982.

It is only a matter of time before the protest and resistance movement goes underground as people are targeted and fear freely expressing themselves and /or of meeting together

The reality perhaps will only hit home if all of the immigrant workers in both the USA and U.K. Stopped work for a week and brought the Countries to a grinding halt. 

You have to ask just how would corporate business, members of the judiciary and those affected by such an action, the customers and clients react

Perhaps we aren’t as far from main steam dissenters actually calling for a general strike as some may think.

Is it really out of the question?

As the Right Wing Conservatives circle the wagons around their racist, make our countries white again policies just watch what happens as they start to interrogate visitors arriving in the USA and U.K.

It is already happening in Los Angeles to passengers who are simply in changing planes in transit en-route between the U.K. and NZ or Australia which is why I would recommend saying “Bugger it I’ll go via Dubai.”

How ironic that the racist scaremongering Trump is whipping up against Muslims means it is easier, and by the way far safer, to travel to the other side of the world or the Far East via a country which is Muslim rather than the USA

Which incidentally also makes a holiday in Dubai preferable to one in the USA.

So what we now know is that Political Protest and Resistance is never useless and though the Governments may chose to try and discredit them we should take it as an indication of their fear of the people and use it to spur us to continue.