USA Ban Should Mean Trump Ban

Ban Trump – He shouldn’t be invited to democratic nations
OK so Donald Trump and the Republicans having failed with his first attempt at an ill-thought out Muslim ban has now issued a second one which doesn’t include Iraq.

The problem is that anyone and I do mean anyone who concludes that the executive order is consistent with the USA’s best values, or those of a liberal democracy more generally, is unlikely to modify their views on the basis of an indignant blog.

The order speaks plainly, and leaves those who read it to make a plain judgement.

Which is that the USA has lurched from being a liberal democracy to a alt-right wing racist state.

It’s a shame that the USA having for decade held and presented itself as the world’s strongest voice for freedom of conscience and human dignity has now under the direction of Donald Trump violently departed from those principles.

Fighting extremism with illiberalism has dangerous consequences.

Iraqis and other Muslim Countries now tarred as enemies of the USA will now see Iran as a more natural ally. 

Syrian Christians, to pick but one vulnerable group, will now be more natural targets of anti-American sentiment.

In fact Donald Trump has handed ISIS a propaganda victory. 

‘Mini-me’ Trumps across world will take a lead and comfort from the USA’s profound and newfound indifference to basic fairness and human rights.

No leader outside of the administration can justify responding with silence and certainly no leader of a democratic country can support or condone his policies.

Talk of President Trump making a state visit to U.K. should be off the table while the order remains in place. 

In fact talk of a visit by Donald Trump to any Western Democracy should be off the table while his racist policies are in place.

Chief Executives of organisations who have been compliant as the president has bullied them about their global operations, should speak up. 

Perhaps most importantly in the USA itself , the world waits to see how much the Republican Congress is prepared to take before it puts long held USA principles ahead of party.