No Place for USA and U.K. In NWO

It appears that since the dramatic and profound changes following the Brexit Vote in the U.K. and the insecurity released by the inauguration of Donald Trump the USA and  U.K. must now find its place within the New World Order.

Ever since the end of WW2 the U.K. and USA have as we are constantly being told had a special relationship, which was once again the refrain when Theresa May recently met Donald Trump.

I’ll ignore the White House briefing that said Theresa May was the first leader to meet with Donald Trump in order to “pay her respects to him” and treat it as the simple ‘uninformed bullshit’ that we now know is the norm for White House briefings.

The reality is that both nations have been friends and more importantly allies, sharing the common ideas and ideals of creating a world of multinational institutions. 

They have shared absolute commitments to the freedom of speech and democratic elections, the rule of law and the development, promotion and upholding of human rights.

So what happens next?

Well it seems that Donald Trump is convinced that he and he alone can and will implement a New World Order of a single all powerful well armed totalitarian world government that for the sake of simplicity he calls the United States of America, or America for short.

The first problem he has encountered he says is that the media are all against him and that everything he says and does is, when reported, ‘fake news’.

The fact that billions can actually see and hear what he is saying is irrelevant because by the time it has been released he has moved on at a pace which even by modern standards of electronic communication is impressive.

What Trump points to is that he has the right through the result at the ballot box to orchestrate both the political and financial events of America as he pleases which he does by creating a crisis where one doesn’t exist to push through controversial policies at both the national and international level with no respect to what the law says.

He has even as we saw at a recent meeting included fundamental Christianity into the process by having his wife read out the Lords Prayer before a rally.

“Forgive us our trespassers ……”

FFS I’ve never been so glad I’m a non believer in religion.

The problem with or should I say for this latest incarnation of a right wing fascist is that it was a previous New World Order following two global wars that created at a 1945 conference the United Nations on the basis that countries across the globe, both large and small had seen in two world wars their populations, mostly male but including females, pay the ultimate sacrifice.

To put it simply millions of people are spread across this planet, permanently residing in war graves thousands of miles away from their homelands and all in the cause of resisting totalitarian ambitions.

The United Nations was formed to prevent it ever happening again and the democracies of the world, including the U.K. and USA led the way in ensuring that is hasn’t happened again.

The problem in the current new world order is that people in the U.K. And USA have voted on the back of disillusionment with the economic and political situation that exists which was exacerbated and encouraged by a campaign to increase their sense of doom and fear.

Doom and fear of those who are different either by colour, religion or nationality.

What we are seeing is an end of the U.K. and USA commitment of being focused on liberal democratic principles and democracies it being replaced by a focus on inward looking right wing political isolationism.

The reality is whatever the British Conservative Government is saying the Trump administration is displaying all of the values that don’t conflict with but are actually being mirrored in the U.K. 

Values of racism, religious Intolerance, sexism and a complete lack of commitment to human rights.

Both Governments are displaying extreme values and policies not seen for decades and even though they will claim not to have done, they have rejected objective examination and criticism for which the media themselves must share the blame.

They now blatantly tell untruths and hide them as what the White House refer to as ‘Alternative Facts’.

They have policies designed for the sole purpose of alienating neighbouring countries and then seek to blame them for all of the U.K. and USA ills.

They are using racism, immigration and religion to set one community against another.

The result is a world filled with insecurity to the extent that we now have a President of the USA actually talking about there being a Third World War.

Of course what the USA and U.K. are really frightened of is the ascendency in trade of not only China but also the other countries on the Asian side of the Pacific Rim and the influence it is having on surrounding countries and long time allies such as New Zealand and Australia.

It is not an issue that will go away and certainly threats of a trade war with China and the ever increasing strength of India is something the White House don’t appear to understand.

The sad thing is that the USA and U.K. used to be the leaders, standing proud and strong in defending fairness, human rights and encouraging and embracing equality and diversity – all of which their nations foundations were built on.

Sadly it is no longer the case and the rest of the world knows it.

The best we can hope for it seems is that they, the democracies who still uphold the values abandoned by the USA and U.K. will stay committed to them, stand up for them and only then will we have any chance for this and future generations.