Immigration – “Come and Welcome”

Children of Immigrants?
Immigration – “Come and Welcome”

This blog is about those non- U.K. born resident incomers and I’ll start with an insult and see what develops.

For “incomers” read “migrants” you “right wing racist muppets”

Controversial Opinion perhaps but the U.K. should always welcome migrants and I know there is the argument about whether they are economic or ‘genuine’ political migrants depending on your view of what else is happening in the world.

The reality is that the growth in the number of immigrants over the decades has been great for the U.K.

I remember in 1967 when following an accident down Silverwood Colliery just how grateful I was to the ‘immigrant’ nurses, doctors and physiotherapists who cared for me and the other colliers who suffered horrific injuries in the accident.

Which given the latest “immigration unrest” headlines (alright I’m being polite) that have caused and aroused a level of angst and uncertainty across the U.K got me to thinking about how immigration has affected my family.

The fact is the U.K. has benefited and been very fortunate to have a growing diversity of culture because of immigration.

The reality is that communities across the U.K. have for many years had and benefitted from what can only be regarded as the privilege of welcoming new citizens to their towns and cities.

Surely it is time to recognise as we did in the 1960’s, of which as a member of the then ‘permissive generation’ I believed that our strength as a nation and as a community was in tolerance, freedom and welcoming new neighbours.

When did it become wrong to say hello to strangers on the streets of our towns and cities?

My family has lived in the U.K. for generations, in fact as far back as we can trace so yes as far as I know we are English through and through.

That is until you investigate the status of the current generation of Palethorpe’s down my line where our son and daughter had a Grandfather who was Irish and a Grandmother who was Scottish on their mothers side.

Bloody immigrants coming to England to help win the war and then having the temerity to stay afterwards, work, pay their taxes and produce a daughter born under the NHS

On my side our children, depending on your point of view faired much better, with Grandad coming from Manchester and Grandma coming from Rotherham.

I can the hear the screams of anguish echoing across the land as I write.

Irish and Scottish immigrants getting together and having a child in England is bad enough but a Lancastrian and a Yorkshire woman!!!!

That is really beyond the pale.

If it is any comfort dad always claimed with tongue firmly in his cheek that he was a Mancunian not a Lancastrian.

Of course our kids were confused as to their true national heritage. 

Were they half English and a quarter Scots and quarter Irish because of their grandparents?

Or was it true that just as the Dettol advert claims to kill 99% of germs does the 50% of English genes on my side take over and wipe out those on mums side making them 99% English?

The problem is if that is true just how powerful is the 1% remaining and will it over time take control of the future Palethorpe generation gene pool?

It was a discussion I had on more than one occasion with my Mother in Law who incidentally was a fantastic woman who lived with us for over 11 years but as I reminded her she was only nice to me out of a sense of Presbyterian Scottish guilt.

I did once give her a Scottish five pound note for Christmas to help her when she was repatriated if and when the Scots gained their independence.

She in return gave me a book with the title ‘How the Scots Invented the World’

So what has this to do with the immigration argument raging across the U.K.?

Not a lot really except that without the damn immigrants Britain would never have been the global industrial revolution powerhouse, we would not have won two global wars and the freedoms that followed, we would not have the NHS…

Oh and we would not be the proud parents of a son and daughter and now grandparents to a grandson who bugger it has a ‘who knows’ what genetic make up on his dad’s side but definitely a Scottish mother and wouldn’t you know it our grandson was born in New Zealand so is a Kiwi.

I could go on but you get the drift.

So it is time for decent people with any sense of reasonableness and fairness, (that excludes most politicians) to stand up and say loudly and proudly without any fear

“If your family has been here for generations. Thank you”.

“If you are the first of your family to live with us. Thank you”.

“If you are wondering about moving here to live and work in the U.K. 

Come and welcome”.