Have Republicans Lost the Plot.

Losing a National Security Advisor to a scandal involving him acting on behalf of the President in talking to the USA’s arch enemy Russia within the first month isn’t just unprecedented it’s unbelievable.

Just think of that, the White House National Security Advisor acting on the instructions of the President in secret talks with Russia.

Except of course the resignation, or sacking of Michael Flynn depending on who you believe and let’s face there is no one connected with the Trump White House who anyone believes, demonstrates how nonsensical the current presidency has become.

It probably also accounts for Donald Trump’s approval rating which aren’t just the worst ever for a President at this point in his term of office but are the worst imaginable.

I know the White House prefer to look at ‘Alternative Facts’ but in the real world away from the vivid and warped imagination of Donald Trump his approval ratings with the USA public are worst than those of former candidates , Walter Mondale, Barry Goldwater and George McGovern who had they won would still have had a better rating than Trump.

Republican Congress are responsible for Trump actions

So why is this?

Well the answer is simple it is the fault of the Republican Party who supported a candidate who is now beset with and facing scandals of immense importance.

Firstly there is the problem about his contacts and business interests with Russia and his support for a pre-election discussion with them over sanctions taken against them for interfering with the USA Democratic Election process for which Flynn has been made the scapegoat.

Secondly, there is the question of his conflict of interest and ’emoluments’ or as the man in the street would say using the role of President for personal profit.

Thirdly there is the question, and very serious question of Donald Trump as a real security risk to the USA.

The problem for the Republicans is that it is their man in the White House and they have no way short of impeaching him of making anything better with Trump holding sway over what is increasingly being seen not only in the USA but across the world as a dysfunctional, fractionalised and inept administration.

Nominations to the Executive branch have almost stopped, they don’t even appear to be able to find someone prepared to take on handling communication which doesn’t help with Donald Trump’s almost pathological obsession with leaks.

Of course the great communicator himself, or at least so he tells us, is Donald Trump and he does it all by Tweet as we have continually seen over the past month.

And that’s the problem for the White House and the Republicans.

Things go wrong and the first reaction, and almost the only reaction from the White House is to look for someone to blame.

In the meantime we hear from someone in the permanent staff or from one or another fraction within the Republican administration talking to the media and press whilst the President throws a tantrum and gets really, really upset.

What we are seeing from Donald Trump is a poor and weak President who whenever he feels the heat, which is currently all of the time, simply refuses to accept criticism and is attempting to keep the knowledge of what is happening within the administration.

In fact he is now even more intent on keeping the knowledge within a very tight circle of advisors and excluding those who legitimately are supposed to be a part of the policy making process to the extent that policies are less likely to be well thought through and successful.

I predict we will see a raft of resignations in the very near further of those who are being excluded from the policy making process and their revelations will be very damaging to the Republicans.

Of course the Republicans in Congress could surprise everyone and use their very considerable leverage to force Donald Trump to clean up his White House act and run the administration properly.

But they won’t and for the very simple reason that while ever Donald Trump is President they can force through their own Congressional Republican policies in the safe knowledge that they have a fall guy in the White House if they are unpopular or unsuccessful.

The problem for the USA will be that if the Russia issue turns out to be the biggest scandal involving a foreign power since the Iran-Contra issue of some years back then the solution to sort out the White House may become so acute it cannot be ignored.

Donald Trump is incompetent, the Congressional Republicans who put him there know it and if they don’t do something about it, and very quickly then they have only themselves to blame for the next scandal, and all of those that follow.

Perhaps more importantly the electorate of the USA will also know that it isn’t only Donald Trump but the Congressional and Senate Republicans who are to blame.

The big question is have the Republicans lost the plot and are incapable of dealing with Donald Trump?