Donald Is a Really Great Man

Stop picking on the wee manchild

It’s time the world leaders woke up and started to exert good and positive influence on Donald Trump even though he is  probably the one man in the whole world and certainly in the USA least prepared for the Presidency. 

Donald is absolutley adamant and committed  in his condemnation of radical Islam and in preventing terrorist attacks. 

He has always expressed his desire is only for justice and righteousness and a decent lifestyle for the poor and marginalised. 

All you will agree very worthy aspirations. 

Donald is the only world leader I have heard speaking out for the persecuted church in Syria, for the pro-life movement and the rights of Israel to their own land.

I know this to be true because Donald Trump trolled me so himself.

What a complex and impossible man is Donald Trump.

Donald in’t a dictator, 

Donald isn’t a megalomaniac, 

Donald isnt a candidate for assassination,

Donald is an honest man,

Donald is a trustworthy man, and

Donald is the greatest of all president in the making.

Donald just tweeted that I was great.