Immigrants – The Easy Target

Immigration has always, and perhaps will always provide an easy target to politicians who are prepared to pander to the most base of human emotions when seeking to be popular.

Donald Trump actually built his whole Presidential campaign around it and as we have seen at his recent Florida Campaign speech he has every intention of doing so for the next four years leading up to the 2020 election.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party as a whole claim that the cause of all the USA ills is down to the illegal immigrants, a claim on which he has acted resulting in horrendous consequences for hundreds of thousands of innocent people, whose only crime is that of coming from a country he doesn’t like.

The face of U.K. Racism

In the U.K. such odious people as Farage, Johnson and Gove stoked up fears of open borders and the free movement of people within Europe to drive their successful Brexit arguments.

The difference and perhaps the only difference between the U.K. and USA anti-immigrant driven policies is that in the USA it is selective dependant on which countries Donald Trump has business interests whereas in the U.K. the Brexiteers universally apply it.

If you,disagree then look at the Grandmother, married to a British man for 27 years who has just been deported, or the student whose whole family live here and is just about to sit her final University Exams who is being deported.

What we now have are two of the major western democracies who have abandoned fairness and human rights policies in favour of right wing racist and fascist ones.

The problem now is that U.K. politicians and people have decided to travel down the xenophobic and outright racist road which has turned into a debate that has spelled out onto the streets.

But not as you would expect against the racist attitude of their own Prime Minister and her Government much as she and they deserve it but against the offer by them to invite Donald Trump to pay a state visit to Britain.

The U.K. Protesters and crowds are demonstrating against a USA ultra right wing white supremacist facist racist President.

Not a statement I ever considered that in my lifetime I would be saying.

The point is that pointing the finger at immigrants as the cause of all of the U.K. woes and population pressures on the public services it may or may not bring is either lazy or cynical. 

The U.K. just as in the USA and in reality many countries across the world is an immigrant nation. 

It’s history and society has been built on embracing new ideas and the energy that new arrivals bring with them.

That doesn’t mean it is an issue that is or should be declared off limits and a sacred cow never to be discussed.

Changing patterns of population and trends bring with them an impact on people’s lives, culture and the world that we live in.

 You only have to look at the end of the 18th and into the 19th century to see how mass immigration affected countries across the globe.

Donald Trump should perhaps reflect that his grandfather and his mother were immigrants to the USA.

But just like all other economic and social policies , immigration policies need to be open for debate because if like the U.K. and USA those fears and concerns are utilised by the racists we end up just pouring fuel on the discontent and effectively condoning those who would use it for radical political reasons.

The question is how do we, the people, the population, change the politicians focus on policy and not the people?

We need to have the debate and look at policies that recognise that people do have fears about immigrants taking their jobs, suppressing wage growth and pushing up house prices.

I suspect that any such debate would prove that the fears have been exaggerated and that in reality immigration is economically and socially positive especially in terms of  the nations wealth creation – in fact immigration is a win, win for everyone.

The problem of course, and it is what xenophobes like Trump and Farage rely on, is the complete lack of empirical research and evidence of the social and economic impact of immigration”

Which means it is even more important to be wary and suspicious of politicians who look to make political gains by targeting any one segment of the population based primarily on who they are and where they come from.

I used to think the UK and the USA were better than that but as recent history shows they aren’t.