Donald Trump is Second not the First

What I’m not the FIRST? But I am, I am (stamps foot throws tantrum)

What do you get when you have a man who has the personality that demonstrates on every occasion a complete excess and abundance of arrogance and ignorance that is unimaginable?

What happens when that man has an overwhelming belief that he can do what he likes, when he likes, to whomever he likes, without any fear of consequences for his actions?

Well we have seen it before in the early 20th Century with consequences for the whole world.

In the 21st Century apparently we get a self-absorbed, megalomaniac, racist, fascist , sexual predator as the President of the United States of America.

On the positive side there is only one other person in modern history who has demonstrated the same personality traits of Donald Trump.

How galling it must be for him to be the second and not the first.