Stand Up and Be Counted

Why are Western World leaders so frightened of Donald Trump?

It is pathetic to see the political leaders of the World prancing and dancing around the need to stand up and be counted against Donald Trump. 

If they keep kowtowing to this man and his sycophants we will become party to what we are in fact seeing which is an increase in racism and intolerance across the world.

If history has taught us anything it has to be that this is how wars and ethnic cleansing begins.

If we disagree with Trump and his policies then let us say so without fear. 

The constant excuse that the USA is so powerful we cannot afford to offend them is sending a message to the bully Trump and his boys that we condone his actions or at least we fear his reaction if we question his actions and policies.

The world has to stand up and send a message that it can and if necessary will carry on and exist without the USA. 

And the message should be a very clear “f*** you” Trump and the USA if you think you can bully us because you can’t.

It may hurt for a bit but the pain has to be worth it to show that one crazy, misogonistic, sexual predator, egotistical, incapable person is not going to influence our sense of what is right or wrong.

The United Kingdom is my country, it isn’t perfect by any means but I refuse to think that or to be told what we must do by anyone let alone someone like Donald Trump.