World Has Changed – But we don’t have to accept it

The World, like it or not has changed, whether if is for better or worse since the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the USA is a matter of opinion.

While there are many who argue the merits of the Trump policies, and let’s face it there are those who support him, or those that who oppose and have taken to the streets to express their opposition, the main thing for the U.K. to consider is how these policies may or may not affect it as a trading nation.

This is particularly important since the U.K. Brexit decision and especially in a time when a country stands or falls on its world trade position.

The Trump inauguration has brought about a very dramatic change especially in the sphere of World Trade.

His immediate cancelling of the TPP with the Pacific Rim Nations and his ‘America First’ trade policy announcement is only one example which has brought about major challenges to those nations as well as to the U.K. despite what he and Theresa May may say.

Add Brexit to this and we see a major and absolute change in the world of trade or at least we will for as long as the Trump remains President.

Calls by the U.K. opposition parties for the Prime Minister and her Conservative Government to condemn Trump for his policy of attempting to impose and illegal immigration ban some may say are somewhat naive and even foolhardy.

The question is how would the same parties and people react if the USA or in truth any other country tried to dictate to our democratically elected Government what the .UK s immigration policy should be?

I refer again to the immigration arguments that took place prior to and in fact are continuing after the EU referendum.

In the meantime Theresa May on behalf of the U.K. needs, or at least feels the need to ensure that, and lets face it a very unstable and temperamental Donald Trump – who takes personal offence at any and all critical tweets – let alone anyone he sees as a do-gooder – can find no excuse or reason for the US to punish our exports and trade or future trade agreements with the USA.

The U.K. Government argue that multi-national and bi-lateral trade agreements with the rest of the world following Brexit is the way forward and have already announced that the USA under Donald Trump will be a leading trading partner.

Apparently they didn’t hear his ‘America First’ speech.

The reality following Brexit is that the U.K. will need to develop a trade strategy that faces up to a growing anti-globalisation sentiment if it is to recognise and take advantage of opportunities and new export markets.

The Government say this already happening though they are unable at the current time to point to any specific example of where it is taking place.

Formal agreements on free trade take time, sometimes decades to arrange and agree so perhaps it is time to forget about the political sideshows and concentrate on what really matters to the people of the U.K. and it’s future prosperity which is developing trading markets for our products and services.

As for Theresa May cozying up with and to Donald Trump in order not to upset him all I can say is

Bollocks to that.

We can and will survive without the Trump USA.

It may be hard at first but the world is a much bigger market, and besides if we bend the knee to the bully now what hope is there for the future?