Violence – Against Fascists

I don’t believe in violence

To settle a dispute

Surely it’s only sense

To talk about our differences 

And reach a common view

Events however changed my mind

And quickly I might add

When Trump became the President

It made me really mad

I shouted and I jeered

That the public has been had

They’ve voted for a fascist 

And everything that’s bad

It was difficult to see

What actually could be done

To lift the sense of doom

Until a total stranger came along

And made the dark less denser

By the very simple act

Of thumping Richard Spencer

Indiscriminate violence 

Of course should be taboo

But when faced with racist fascists

There is something you can do

Oppose them through the ballot box

Should always be your aim

But a thump or kick where it hurts 

Will also relieve your pain

In fact it is your duty

To cause them so much grief

And I predict that very soon

The bullies will be beat.