I suppose like many others the realisation of the past few weeks that Donald Trump has actually been inaugurated as the President of the United States of America is….

The reality of course is that it is difficult to explain the full horror of the realisation that tens of millions of USA citizens, though not the majority, actually voted for Donald Trump.

Or in our house because of his orange tan and propensity to spout lies every time he opens his mouth we call him as Donald Trumpalumaliar.

As for the day itself it wasn’t so much an ‘inauguration’ but an ‘ignorant association’

The problem for the Tumpalumpaliar is his love of social media in which he believes he is the master of and therefore no longer needs or has to respect the media.

On reflecting on the week I looked back at the Tweets on Social Media in response to those by Donald Trumpalaumpaliar and his sycophantic minions and my response as an Ordinary (Whatever that may be) Person.

It started on the 19th January the day before the ceremony when the now ‘Vice’ President claimed that Donald Trump would bring an honesty and integrity to the White House never before seen.

By the way the Tweets I have made are all in bold.

“Donald Trump will bring a level of honesty and integrity to the role of President that has never been seen before” 
True. Key word ‘Level’ 19/1/17

As of today I’m pleased to announce my change of contact address,

President V Putin

The White House

Washington DC

United States of America


The ball in the evening was even more cringeworthy than his ignorantation speech as he led his wife out almost as if she was no more than a chattel that he had purchased with the look on his face of “look what I own”

It just looked like a misogynistic dirty old man with a trophy young woman who was too scared to resist his advances.

How a sexual predator misogonist treats women

One headline read 

Presidential inaugural ball: Trumps enjoy first dance
To which my reaction was on seeing the how his wife held herself away from him and turned away when he went to give her a kiss,

Presidential inaugural ball: Trumps enjoy first dance. How creepy is this and doesn’t she look really uncomfortable 21/1/17

I can’t possible be the only one who thought Mrs Trump looked distinctly uncomfortable in the arms of her husband at his ball last night. 21/1/17

If that wasn’t bad enough we then had the farce of Donald Trumpalumaliar claiming that the media was wrong and that the crowd at the inauguration was 1.5million

BREAKING: President Donald Trump accuses media of lying about inauguration crowds, wrongly says crowd reached Washington monument. 21/1/17

The poor lamb. Ratings at less than 29% and those wide open spaces were really people in camouflage.

Though to be fair someone did point out that the very large apparently white coloured vacant areas could well have been his KKK friends in full ceremonial dress”

The photographs of the event clearly prove otherwise. Not that it worries a man who has proven himself to be a pathological liar incapable of telling the truth about almost anything which is why I intend to,

Save the photograph and publish it as a tweet every week. 22/1/17

It did occur to me from the evidence of the photographs that using his mathematical genius the only conclusion that could be drawn was

Trumpalumpaliar. 1.5m at my inauguration. Therefore 9m for Obama 21/1/17

There is little doubt that his election has and will reverberate across the world for years to come and not the least for the USA who will in my opinion very soon be seen as a combination of a global pariah and joke.

Sadly it will be a view that will also be held about the American people themselves and not only their leader.

My own views as expressed in tweets are quite simple.

If Trump insists on taking the world and USA back in time can I suggest November 1963 and invite him to visit Dallas? 21/1/17

Will CIA director tell Donald Trump “You are not safe or welcome anywhere in the world so best you stay in Washington for the next 4years” 21/1/17

Would it be wrong to wake every morning for the next 4 years looking for 1 specific news item & if it isn’t there feel really disappointed? 21/1/17

In fact will he even be welcome and safe to travel within the United States of America?

He certainly will not be made welcome in the United Kingdom and I seriously doubt anywhere in Europe and especially in Germany.

It seems inconceivable that the President of the United States of America is seen as toxic by the vast majority of the world, but it is a ‘fact’ and not an ‘alternative fact’ at that.
But here’s a thought.

Whatever happened to the USA Second Amendment?  Or has Trumpalumpaliar banned it before a citizen uses it? 25/1/17

It is interesting that he doesn’t seem so keen on encouraging people to exercise their Second Amendment rights as he was during the campaign. Perhaps the bully is like all bullies not as brave as he tries to make out.

But of course Donald Trump is the biggest, the bravest and the best so I’ll end this short missive with a tweet that I think sums him up perfectly

From Donald Trump. 

I deny being ‘A’ misogonistic, sexual predator, racist, fascist as the media claim. I am “THE” … and “THE BEST”