Donald Trump – Is The American Dream

When I first published this on the 16 October 2016 it was with a foreboding that enough of the USA people might just be stupid enough to decide in exercising their democratic right to vote and vote for Donald Trump even though they know him to be a liar, a misogonist, a sexual predator and a racist.

As history now shows it was a fear that has now come to pass, but more importantly than him becoming President what does it tell us about the people of the USA?

Well as my earlier ramblings said it is or at last has been proven without any doubt that they have little or no understanding of just how the world and by that the people of the world view them and appear to care even less.

The result I fear will be the USA and its population of 300 million facing a combination of self imposed isolationism and external exclusion from the rest of the world.

With a population of 6.8 billion on this planet it is very difficult to see how an isolationist USA could win a self created and generated trade war.

What is even more concerning is that the USA may also find themselves at the mercy of their enemies without the support of Allies who have formerly been willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with them especially in armed conflicts.

So America it is now down to you.

Donald Trump is a product of the USA and with only a month before the people of the USA Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election he continues to promote himself as exactly that.

A product of the United States of America.

Before I go on let me put one thing to bed, probably a bad phrase given the latest revelations about his attitude to women.

As a ‘foreigner’ I find it not so much irritating more amusing that the US media and American people talk about the President of the USA being the Leader of the Free World.

It’s arrant nonsense, in fact the President of the USA has less power at home in terms of domestic and foreign policy making and implementation because they are constrained by the Senate and Congress than the Prime Minister of the U.K.

If Donald Trump goes on to win in November it may be a difference that the ‘Free World’ will be very grateful for.

The problem as I see it is Americans are not particularly good or adept at sensing the elements that make up other nations and people’s culture, it is even arguable that they have problems sensing what it is that makes up their own culture.

This lack of awareness, combined with a lack of travel with over 54% of Americans not holding a valid passport means that they approach ‘foreigners’ with an approach that comes across as both naive and lacking in warmth.

One major result of this attitude is that Americans and especially those who have economic power, like Donald Trump, simply don’t appear to understand why people across the world want to hold on to their own culture and not become or be like Americans.

As we have seen, especially in the latter part of the 20th and start of the 21st century where following military intervention by the USA has taken place and resulted in them by necessity having to form or act as administrators on foreign soil they invariably prove to be very bad at it.

The result is that the USA know that they are disliked for their “cavalier we are superior attitude” that is constantly being emphasised by their self promotional refrain of being the ‘Greatest Country on Earth’ which sadly in some places across the world goes beyond being simply disliked to being hated.

Incidentally I can think of a number of countries that are better and greater places to live than the USA and I certainly don’t include the U.K. Amongst them.

Strangely Americans just don’t seem to get it and can’t for the life of them understand why they aren’t admired around the world and rather than try to understand why they just put it down as envy, jealousy and being anti-American.

The Americans who do understand and raise it of course are classified within the US as being un-American.

What ‘foreigners’ find strange about Americans when according to their own census over 99% of the population are descendants of immigrants who arrived on the continent since gaining independence in 1815 is their attitude.

Snobbery in the USA like racism is rife and the result of an insecure people who hide behind what is increasingly becoming transparent bravado.

It is an insecurity that comes from the need for all Americans to conform and to be the same but is actually because they are as descendants of immigrants different.

What is even stranger is there insistence that they are ‘all-American’ yet every time I’ve visited the USA the people I’ve met are only to eager to attach a label to themselves according to their heritage.

Irish- , Scots-, Polish-, Hungarian- et al Americans with one exception whichis those descended from the English.

Why the descendants of English immigrants don’t use such labels is open to conjecture, perhaps it is because of the common language?

The point is that the USA has since the War of Independence proudly maintained that they are a democracy and uphold the democratic principles and that ‘any American’ can if they follow their dream rise to be anything they want to be.

Including being the President of the United States.

The essential requirement that they fail to mention of course being that to be the President of the USA you need to be able to have access tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars.

In the USA money really does buy power.

So if Donald Trump, as a lying, lewd, racist bully as he has clearly demonstrated and who he says has access to billions of dollars succeeds in convincing over half of those who vote to elect him to the position of President of the USA should we be at all surprised?

I firmly believe we shouldn’t.

The USA and Americans are a country of extremes so having an extreme foul mouthed, hot headed narcissist in the White House is the embodiment of the American Dream.

What is absolutely unfathomable is how the American people have allowed him to get so far.

I said earlier that Americans don’t seem to understand why they are disliked or even hated rather than respected and feared across the globe.

What they don’t perhaps realise is that as we ‘foreigners’ watch the 2016 Presidential Election unfold before our eyes we have now added pity and laughter.

Pity for the American people and laughter not with them but at them and their democratic traditions.

Donald Trump and his supporters have damaged, perhaps permanently and irreparably the very democratic system they proudly stand up for.

It is a shame because even though there is a degree of concern that they may well elect Donald Trump as President the aura of the USA political system and power has been seriously damaged.

All in all though Donald Trump is what the USA deserves


This is I hope people realise my personal views and opinions and to my friends who have settled in and become US Citizens good luck.