Life Sentence

It comes as no surprise to those who work in HM Prisons that the level of Death in Custody has risen to record levels or that it has been attributed to cuts in staffing levels.

I have written about this before and once again feel angry that both of the main political parties, Conservative and Labour are seeking to blame each other when the truth is both when in Government are equally to blame for cutting staffing levels.

Is there any wonder that vulnerable prisoners who invariably have multiple problems chose to take what they perceive as the only way out?

This will only be resolved when the Conservatives and Labour parties really understand or at least seek to understand and develop policies on what exactly prisons are for.

My head is in pieces

But my mouth

Tells a different story

It says I will be alive

The next time you see me

I’m sorry as you read this

This is not how it was meant to be

The solitude of death is near

A release from life for me

Please don’t grieve

Be happy for me

For now I’m in a quiet place

A place of fantasy

Free from life’s tragedy

My life my past

Is now a distant memory

Be pleased my love

For now I’m finally free.