Schadenfreude – Enjoy It While It Lasts

Schadenfreude - Be wary it may come back to haunt you
Schadenfreude – Be wary it may come back to haunt you
Schadenfreude – Enjoy It While It Lasts

The Germans have a word, “Schadenfreude” meaning pleasure in other people’s pain. What many in the world would consider to be a very poor emotion which is perhaps why we don’t have an English word for it – but it doesn’t mean we don’t experience it!!!

Over the past four months we have watched from the comparative safety of the English shores surrounded as we are by sea as millions of migrants or refugees depending on your point of view have arrived on the European Continent.

We have seen a rise in sympathy for the refugees themselves whilst somewhat paradoxically at the same time a lack of sympathy, and especially on these shores for the countries who are now facing a situation far worse than that the UK has ever faced regarding number of people they are now faced with.

The parade of the European Countries Ministers meeting and looking concerned has added fuel to the belief that their lack of action in addressing the Middle East problems whilst being happy to sell the regimes weapons that have contributed to the mass exodus are seen by the cynical as  merely posturing.

People are also less than convinced by the argument that the countries of Europe should ‘share’ without giving any idea of on what basis the proportionality of sharing would take place when in the past some have been only too happy to ignore the plight of their neighbours.

The rise in nationalism in the UK with the constant SNP threats, and yes let’s not be coy about it they are threats of breaking away accompanied by the concerns that are constantly being hyped up by the media and English politicians of ‘swarms’ of migrants apparently flooding into the UK has only served to increase fears and loathing of anyone seeking refuge here.

It hasn’t been helped by the criminal cases of child abuse and grooming and the fact that over 20% of 82,000 UK prisoners are Foreign Nationals which is used as ‘further evidence’ of the increase in crime and degenerate behaviour of those who don’t share “OUR” values – Whatever they might be?

I can’t help thinking that perhaps Europe and the World should refer back to what someone, I’m not sure who, said when describing NATO that it is,

“An act of neighbourliness by a group of householders who have decided they have so much in common that they had better, for their mutual advantage, set up a formal association”

Some may think that is exactly what the European Union is designed, or at least is apparently designed to do and judging by the divisions over the past four months on how to deal with the “immigrant/refugee crisis” it has patently failed.

So where does it leave us with Countries like Slovenia and Hungary erecting fences and barriers to keep people out and taking steps to “transport” large numbers of people to the borders of neighbouring countries who are limiting, restricting and eventually no doubt will prevent and refuse entry leaving them stranded and stateless ?

European Union neighbourliness is now under strain
European Union neighbourliness is now under strain
Who knows, but the neighbourliness of Nations is as far as I can see certainly not on show.

Refugees Welcome?

Oh no they’re not.

It’s like a like watching a very bad, very sad and tragic pantomime.

To add to the tragedy it that appears that the Country to be taking the initial brunt of the problem is Greece who are least able to deal with it economically and who in spite of the success of Syria left-wing in the recent Elections has all but been subsumed by the European Union who are now effectively in control of the country’s economy.

The latest bail out, the biggest contribution of which was funded by the German Government may not be enough to sort out the economy of Greece  and deal with the migrant, refugee issue which I’m sure was not taken into account and certainly not forecast when the bailout was being planned.

Which brings us back to the pain being experienced by the European Union Countries and  Schadenfreude where many even though they are trying to keep it hidden are behind quiet smiles enjoying the discomfort of our neighbours.

Or as one person said to me and this is why Schadenfreude is a serious issue, “they – the European Countries – are in major trouble because they can’t control the movement of people who is why I’ll be voting to come out of the EU so we can control (meaning of course stopping) them coming here”

I’m beginning to believe it is a view that we will only see increasing and spreading across the United Kingdom.

How will the Government, and by that I mean all Members of Parliament and Political Parties deal with it?

Time and sadly only time will tell.


Enjoy the pleasure in others discomfort – it may not be too long before it is ours?