Cobblers Support

First Published 1344 days ago

To be in the bottom two and relegation from the football league position at the start of the year is every fans nightmare and those who support the Cobblers are no different.

League Two table Monday, 2 January 2012 17:02 UK
1 Crawley Town 24 18 50
2 Cheltenham 24 16 49
3 Southend 23 18 46
4 Swindon 24 19 43
5 Shrewsbury 24 11 42
6 Gillingham 24 12 41
7 Burton Albion 24 2 40

8 Oxford Utd 24 9 38
9 Torquay 24 6 38
10 Rotherham 24 5 37
11 Accrington 24 6 36
12 Morecambe 24 11 35
13 Port Vale 24 8 35
14 Macclesfield 24 -3 30
15 Crewe 24 -6 30
16 Aldershot 23 -5 27
17 AFC Wimbledon 24 -16 26
18 Bradford 24 -5 25
19 Bristol Rovers 24 -17 23
20 Barnet 24 -17 23
21 Hereford 24 -16 22
22 Dag & Red 24 -16 21

23 Northampton 24 -20 18
24 Plymouth 24 -20 18

Of course hope springs eternal amongst sports fans, hope that their team will not be relegated when in the position the Cobblers currently find themselves and that the manager during January will trade well in the mid-season transfer market and produce an instantly successfully team on the pitch.

It all depends of course on having a resolute Chairman and backer, which given the patience shown by David Cardoza is something he has demonstrated consistently over a number of years.

The question and biggest fear of the supporters is that the Chairman and Board may well find themselves in a position where their support of the club jeopardises other business interests and the club as a consequence has to go into administration or even worse close down.

The feeling may well among a minority be – So What? – it will only affect just under 5,000 supporters.

It would be a major mistake and nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is Northampton people do support the Cobblers, it is their football club who they want to see achieve success as was seen a few years ago when they reached the play-offs and over 30,000 people made the journey from Northampton to London.

The problem now is how and what support can be offered not only to help them get through this season but also to provide the club with the stability to build on and be successful in the future.

In 2004 the Borough Council agreed a transfer of the stadium, on a long lease, to the club owners with a promise to support the commercial development of Sixfields with the proceeds to be invested in the stadium which in turn would allow money to be spent on improving the playing staff.

History shows that the development has not happened for a number of reasons in spite of promises from the Borough Council whilst under Liberal Democrat control (2007-2011) and now under the Conservatives who as I have mentioned in the past made the support of the Cobblers and retail development at Sixfields one of a number of cast iron pledges in the last election campaign.

Over the next few weeks we will see if the club management can turn the fortunes of the Cobblers around on the pitch and start climbing away from the relegation places.

If the promises from the Borough Council leadership is not delivered in the next few months they may well see the supporters of the Cobblers across Northampton calling for them to be relegated from control of the Council, a call that will build up over the remaining three years of this administration.

It is time for the Conservative leaders to wake up and understand that they are not fighting an election in opposition where they have no responsibility and recognise that they are expected to not only make difficult decisions but also stand by them and not blame others when the impact raise the hackles of the people of Northampton.

If they don’t the it is highly probable that as with the last adminstration the supporters will demand a public meeting where the leader and cabinet will be asked to explain thenselves.

Simply put – the Conservative controlled Northampton Borough Council now has to deliver the promised retail development to Sixfields.