“Caring and Emotional” But for how long will it last?


“Caring and Emotional” But for how long will it last?
I once tweeted that I had friends who supported Jeremy Corbyn MP friends who supported Owen Smith MP but in the end whatever the result we will still be friends. 

I have to say that apart from one who has gone off in a huff and hopefully will get over it the remainder of us remain friends.

There are conflicting views about those who are now saying that they are going to leave the Labour Party because of the result of the Leadership Election but it reminds me of being a bit like the malteser advert where the girl flicks one across the room and says “Off you go then”

Surely the 38% who didn’t vote for Jeremy Corbyn, the vast majority of who are staying with the party, are far more important than those who chose to leave and shouldn’t we be supporting and working to get them to support the Leader rather than spending our energies on those who leave?

Anyway back to the subject of this blog.

I went to a fringe meeting hosted by UNITE and Daily Mirror at which there were a number of speakers who spoke passionately about the need to reconnect with the people of the U.K.

What made a pleasant change was that they didn’t talk, as so many have before about reconnecting with ‘traditional Labour Voters’, whatever that might mean, but how to attract and convince people from all sectors of the community that Labour was relevant to them.

The question is how do Labour convince people that they really understand the problems being faced and will support them and especially when the problems are caused by an uncaring, neglectful Government and its policies?

I have friends who are suffering from this Governments policies and admit to feeling a very strong sense of neglect and no short measure of guilt that I haven’t spoken out anywhere near either often or loud enough in support of them.

The reality is Theresa May and her Conservative Government are committing nothing less than institutionalised physical and psychological abuse against the disabled, the elderly, the chronically sick and the vulnerable which if committed by an individual would lead them to the Courts and Prison.

And yet we, and I do mean we, the vast majority of us, the population of the United Kingdom are willing to accept it without complaint which effectively whether you like it or not mean we are by remaining silent being complicit and supporting the actions and policies the Government are implementing.

There is a very famous poem by Pastor Martin Niemoller about the cowardice of those who should have taken action that is an accurate reflection of what happens when institutional abuse by the state is consider acceptable by the population.

I have used and written about this before using the best known version from the 1950’s which is

“First they came for the Socialist, and I did not speak out –

Because I was not a Socialist”

“Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out –

Because I was not a Trade Unionist”

“Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out –

Because I was not a Jew”

“Then they came for ME –

And there was no one left to speak for me”

Well think on this,

Theresa May and the Conservatives have come for and are continuing to come for our grandparents, parents, family and friends who are disabled, vulnerable, elderly and unwell and it’s time we started shouting from the rooftops that it has to stop, and stop now.

And we need to do it now because we have a voice to speak for those unable to speak for themselves and we have a voice to support those who are speaking up for themselves.

This is what the Labour Members of Parliament if they had any sense of integrity and humanity should be speaking about and getting angry and emotional about as they tour the television and media studios playing their pathetic political games.

My fear of course is that people, and let’s face facts it is already the case that every now and again we will read of a sad case, 

shake our heads, 

go tut tut, 

say it’s a disgrace, 

a tragedy, 


and then promptly forget it.
So here’s a challenge,

Do you remember the name of the little lad who drowned and was seen globally being carried from the water?


I didn’t expect you would and you are only one amongst a great many
So here’s something nearer to home

Do you know of someone who is disabled, or someone caring and struggling to cope with someone suffering from dementia, or someone who is elderly and frail, or someone who is suffering from chronic ill health, or mental health?

If the answer is Yes then think of this.

Theresa May and her Government don’t know them, 

Don’t want to know them,

 and they

Don’t give a flying f*** about them.
And why should they?

The dead, those suffering from dementia, the chronically sick or seriously disabled don’t Vote.

It may well be you and yours they come for next


To Labour Members of Parliament and anyone else reading this

What are YOU, 

What are WE 

going to do about it? 
His name by the way is Alan Kurdi (Kurdish: ‫Alan Kurdî‬‎),